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Hi, thanks for checking out our site! The Critter Coalition story, tho sad in the beginning has a happy ending. I founded this special little "hands on" non-profit foundation when I heard one day from an Animal Control officer of how many pets were turned in to the shelter every year by Seniors who usually because of a medical emergency and having no one to temporarily care for their pet, believed they had no other choice. I really found myself haunted by how heartbreaking this had to be for both the Senior and their beloved fur baby. I knew I had to do something to help and in time, 2002 to be exact, the Critter Coalition was born.

Working with the Senior community and their animals is my favorite job as the Director of the Critter Coalition. We have a pet food and care program and we pay for the first visit to the Vet for needy Seniors and the disabled. We also will pay for euthanization, never a happy thing, but so helpful to both the pet who needs relief and the pet parent who was devastated when they couldn’t help their animal friend in it’s last hours. Also being there to comfort and listen is something that means a great deal to me. I guess I’m grateful to be given the spiritual opportunity to be present at something so important.

As far as helping the Senior who needs but can't afford temporary care for their pet, we've taken in one or two at a time in an emergency, but now we’re in the process of raising the money to convert a 3 car garage so we can build cute little lattice walled spaces for smaller dogs to play, sleep and feel safe in if they have to be kept someplace while Mom or Dad are off having a hip replaced or on a family emergency. (There is a building fund if you want to ear-mark your donation for this aspect of our effort.)

By making this pet care available, a joyful homecoming will take place when their human companions most need the love they and their pet share....a love that ultimately guarantees the healing of their body and spirit! That makes us feel soooo good and is a win/win for everyone concerned. 

The Critter Coalition is located in Joshua Tree, California at the CC sanctuary for special needs pets, Fat Quail Farm. This delightful place is shared with twelve older canines, two catteries (one for special needs cats...), an old gentleman Pig, two baby Tortoises and one friendly older Tortoise named Ollie. I share some responsibilities and many laughs (because of the antics of the myriad critter crew) with my dear friend and CC partner, Dr. Terre York ...known to all who know her as the good sport of the Fat Quail Farm homestead.

No one is paid and expenses are kept low. That means that most of the time, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to help the animals and their Senior "parent". My mantra is “No donation is too small...OR too large!” :) We are completely supported by donations, so thank you for caring!

Feel free to email me at CritterKindness@aol.com  for more information or to just talk about your pets.
I look forward to hearing from you. :)

For the animals, Kate (Porter)

The Critter Coalition
 PO Box 1841, Joshua Tree, Calif. 92252

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